Description Necklace:
       Hone dyed Deep Red
       Tribe Silver Shell 3.5"
Length:19 inches
Size beads: 1d inch disks
Clasp: Fancy Hook
Cost: $169.00
Cape Cod Shores
A true Cape Cod Creation....necklace
is comprised of  Disks of Horn dyed
a deep red, with a large
Hill Tribes
Silver shell pendant.

This necklace, with a beautiful Northern Hill Tribe sterling silver pendant in the shape of  a large shell, is paired with deep red horned disks that together, make a bold fashion statement. It is spaced with black glossy cubed seedbeads.

This is made of "Fine Silver."  "Fine Silver" is made of more silver with less alloys added.  It is between 97% and 99% pure.   By limiting the amount of copper this "Fine silver" does not tarnish like our American sterling silver.  Sterling silver in the USA is made of  92.5% silver and the rest is copper alloy.
The lenght is 19 inches long, and the clasp is a large fancy hook. Extensions are available, upon request.
Poppy's Pearls