Description Necklace:
       Brownsinite Rondelles
       Dragonfly of Bone
Length: 20 inches
Size beads: 0.33 inch
Cost: $69.00

Oak Bluffs Days
Dragonflies are in demand!  Especially in this boldly designed Brownsinite necklace and hanging in there is your DRAGONFLY.
This necklace is comprised of Bronzite, Onyx, and a carved bone Dragonfly with a copper hook clasp.

The Bronzite beads are  a  lovely chocolate brown with golden swirls that glitter in the sunshine or bright light. . Shades of  black and reddish chocolate brown color also enhance the depth of color.  All of these variations of color and pattern are due to their natural characteristics without any dyes. The combination of  these unique characteristics  makes it  one of nature's phenomenal gemstones. 

The spacer beads are smaller round black onyx beads artisticly placed between each Bronzite rondel.l.  The center of the necklace is a gorgeous carved Dragonfly made from Bone.    The size of the Dragonfly is approximately 3 inches and can be worn either centered or off to the side.
  This is an easy necklace to show off!

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