Palm Beach Nights
Freeform natural Aquamarine pendant.  A perfect statement that you have arrived.

Poppy's Pearls

This lovely necklace is so unusual. From its freeform  pendant to the beautiful blue beads, this is a necklace  is sure to stand out in a crowd. 

The name Aquamarine is of Latin origin meaning sea water in allusion to its color.
Aquamarine is used as a gemstone.

Traditionally, Aquamarine has been used as a charm by sailors for protection while at sea. It also is believed to preserve and enhance mutual love and to maintain a good marriage, and to ensure truth in relationships and business dealings.

The astrological signs of aquamarine are Pisces and Scorpio.
Aquamarine is the modern birthstone for the month of March, it is also an optional birthstone for October.

Description Necklace:
Stone: Blue
Pendant: Aquamarine
    Freeformed Pendant
Length: 17 inches
Size beads: 0.5 inch
Clasp: Lobster
Cost: $119.00