This necklace is full of good energy from both the Labrodorite stone and the sterling silver "spirit lock" symbol.

The iridescence of labradorite is beautiful (as well as powerful). Gorgeous multi-colored flashes of color set against the sterling silver setting create a haunting and mystic effect fitting of the power contained in this stone.

Mystical lore talks about Labradorite deflecting unwanted energies from the aura and creates a barrier to negative energy.
This pendant is wrapped with sterling silver in the shape of a spirit lock.  This pendant is from Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand. 

The  Hill Tribe people in Thailand believe that wearing a spirit lock keeps you healthy by keeping the good spirits in your body.

Traditionally worn on your back, these unique pieces are beautifully worn as pendants, whether in front or back.

The oval pendant is 2 inches wide and 1 inch in length.  The silver wraps around the stone and ends in a spirit lock at the top of the pendant.
The length of the necklace is made up of beautiful round green Nephrite beads.  Each bead is 0.5 inch.
The design is composed in groups of three Nephrite beads per group.  One grouping  has 1 onyx rondell between each round Nephrite  and spaced with a Hill Tribe spacer.

The next is a group of 3 Nephrite with 1 Black Onyx rondell, silver spacer, Onyx rondell, then 3 round Neprite beads.  This is repeated until the end of the necklace.  It is finished with a Tribe silver round bead approximately 4mm. ending with a toggle clasp. 

Total length is 19.5  inches If you need a different length for your necklace let me know so that I can make the adjustments before I send it to you. 

Nephrite Jade has been used in China from time immortal. Although China is the largest user of Nephrite Jade, it certainly is not the only culture that esteemed this “most virtuous of stones.”

The ancient Egyptians occasionally obtained Jade for their jewelry. The Maoris of New Zealand used Jade for weapons, carvings and adornment, while the pre-Columbian cultures of Central America valued Jade more highly than gold.

In China, the use of Jade goes back more than six thousand years. Wars have been fought over Jade and a Chinese emperor once offered to trade more than twenty cities for 1 single piece of Jade.

Far back in the mist of antiquity, before we had writing, even before we had civilization, we had Jade.

Today, Jade is more popular than ever and the demand for both Nephrite Jade and Jadeite jade shows no sign of slowing down.
So wear your Jade with pride. You have a noble stone whose history goes back further than the memory of man.

Poppy's Pearls
Description Necklace:
Pendant :
        Sterling silver
Length: 19.5 inches
Size beads: 0.5 inch Round
Clasp: Toogle
Cost: $169.00
"Spirit Lock"