Description Necklace:
       Brown Fresh water Pearls
       Baroque Coin Pearl
Length: 15 1/2 inches
Size beads: 5 rice pearls per 1 inch
Clasp: Fanch clasp
Cost: $98.00

Tashmoo Secret
Baroque Coin Pearl with shades of brown, maroon and gold.  A different look and a different pose for the ever popular pearls.
This necklace is so spectacular and the color of the pearls is exquisite.  The luster is like a rainbow of colors from  hues  of deep brown to maroon, to golds and blues.  The three strands of small rice shaped fresh water pearls are top drilled.  When strung, the pearls splay out against your neck giving you a fuller and wider looking strand.

The jumbo Coin Pearl pendant is completely, different on either side... each having  a striking beauty of its own.

These Jumbo Coin Pearls are cultured in China.  Like other coin pearls  (round, square, rectangle, oval, stars) this process starts by cutting the shape of  MOP (Mother of Pearl) and inserting the MOP through the oyster. It  then becomes a coin pearl by covering  the MOP with layers and layers of natre.  It is usually easy to control the shape of small pearls, but in the  larger sizes,  nature's imperfections ( like extra layering, or tails on the side)actually enhance the beauty of the pearls.  They are Natural Cultured Freshwater pearls.

There are only three factories that are considered eminent in processing  color treated pearls..
The color is thru the whole pearl and will not come off unless you coat it with chemicals such as hairspray, or perfume.  The only natural colors in Freshwater pearls are White, Pink (Peach or Mauve) and sometimes silver.
Poppy's Pearls