Description Necklace:
       Fresh water pearl,
       Copper, silver,Greecian
        blue cubed glass beads
Pendant: Murano Glass Italy
Length: adjustable 18-20 inches
Size beads: 1/4 inch
Clasp: S-Hook
Cost: $98.00

Venician Night
Pendant is beautiful Murano Glass from Venice Italy.
Necklace is made of Greek blue glass cubes, Freshwater pearls, copper, and silver beads.
Imported from Venice Italy, this Murano Glass Pendant is designed to appeal to the most discriminating taste.

The myriad colors reflect the energies and beauty of Italy.  This necklace is made of Greek blue glass cubes with copper and silver beads.  This beautiful creation holds and mirrors the sunshine, and will be sure to be a convesation starter for years to come.

Poppy's Pearls